Our founder, president, CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, programmer, architect, accountant, sales rep, customer service rep, marketing guru, software tester, graphic designer, webmaster, and cleaning lady:
Adeena Mignogna

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Who? What?

RIOT is a tiny (aka single-person) company created to pursue the development of artificial intelligence software and chatbot software. RIOT is dedicated to using AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), databases, NLP, neural networks, python libraries, and other tools to achieve this.



For all services, I prefer to work on a flat fee per project basis where we've discussed your needs and expectations before any commitment is made.
I am happy to discuss your project under a blanket non-disclosure agreement and answer any questions you might have. Often, I've refered people to folks better suited for their needs or even explained how their project needs could be completed at either very little, or no cost.

My goal is to help you figure out what you need... and what you need might not be me. :)

Contact: adeena at riotsw dot com

Custom AIML Content

I specialize in writing AIML content. This consists of anything from unique answers to questions such as "Do you believe in an infinite universe?" to using some of specialized methods I've created to keep track of conversational content. You can provide the questions, and I'll provide the answers. Or, I can do both. It's up to you.

Custom VBA Macros

Excel macros seem to be one of those things that everyone wants, but no one takes the time to make. That's where I can help.

Other custom coding needs...

If you need a program that does something, I can probably help. Let me know what that something is, and I'll tell you what it will take for me to create it for you (and provide an estimate), or point you in the right direction. I prefer to work in Python or Java (or C# for Windows applications), but have worked on projects in a variety of langauges.

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