Mar 14

What Happens *After* You Open Your Business

I was browsing the web today and came across a string of "How To Start A Business" articles like these:

These are all great resources if you want to start a business. But they are all the "How To" and not the "What Happens After..."

If you type in "How to Start a Business" on Amazon, you'll get over 8,000 results. Many have the exact title: "How to Start a Business" or "Start Your Own Business" or "How to Start a Business."

These books are great. I read several of them when I was starting my retail store. But... they all follow a familiar outline:
- Identify the business opportunity
- Write a business plan
- Figure out your target market
- Get a location
- Get financing
- Set up the legal structure of your business (including registering a name, getting a tax ID)
- Register for state and local taxes
- Hire some employees

...and that's about it. They all seem to stop when the business really starts. Okay, some might include the start of a marketing plan and some might tell you to set up social media accounts.

But these books DON'T generally tell you about:
- Dealing with your business when an employee quits on short (or no) notice
- What happens when you're burglarized
- What to do when direct competition opens up right down the street
- Managing your finances when the current months sales aren't going to cover it
- Setting up a sustainable marketing plan... since marketing can never, ever, ever stop
- Responding to an unhappy customer
- Handling unexpected landlord woes

...and much more.

This is why I wrote "Minding My Business." Because I had to deal with all these things and felt very alone at the time. I had a couple other business owners to converse with, but I was so swamped with my own problems, it was hard to reach out.

My book is written memoir style - I have stories about employees, customers, marketing, and money, money, money. My hope is to reach those of you who are in the planning stages or who are considering taking an entrepreneurial plunge.