Nov 13
  • I am half-hermit, but I like to interact with peeps on the internet. The best way to do that is to comment on my posts or talk to me on twitter (@adeena)
  • RIOT Software stands for "Reduced Information Overload Through Software"
  • RIOT Software is my small software-ish business. I started it specifically to dedicate myself to artificial intelligence-type programming. But that's not all it is anymore. I work on Android apps and custom/consulting projects.
  • I love Star Trek. All Star Trek. The best way to get my attention is to tell me how awesome Star Trek is, especially Lt. Cmdr Data.
  • I care about a lot of other things, too, that might show up in a blog post, even though they aren't directly related to programming or small business: personal finance and budgeting; gardening (to feed the family); sustainable living; STEM education
  • Blog posts likely won't happen on a regular schedule. The best way to know about new stuff is to follow me on Twitter (@adeena)