Nov 13

This page answers the question: Why is there a blog on RIOT Software?


  • So Adeena can discuss her small business book, "Minding My Business"
  • So Adeena can discuss past, current, and future things about starting and running small business(es)
    • The old business, which the book is about, was a retail store called "The Pot and Bead" that was located in Ashburn, VA. It was open from Oct 2002 through Feb 2008.
    • The new/current business is RIOT Software.
  • So Adeena can discuss robots, artificial intelligence, and programming
  • So Adeena can discuss whatever the heck she wants... it's her blog and it's the internet. That's what it's here for. LOL
    • Things that might show up in a post include, but are not limited to: gardening, STEM education, parenting, sustainable living, healthy living, astronomy, and space.